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I'm not by any means a professional, but I'm making an attempt to have some fun and my idea of fun is making cakes and decorating them, or painting canvas. I found a great website that is full of ideas and now I've started to try to make stuff for my friends and family. This is my little corner of the internet to post some pics of what I've done so far and those sites full of ideas for future things to do

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Alice in Wonderland

Our offices take Halloween very seriously - we start planning weeks in advance and everything from what we wear to what we bake is themed.

This year we did Alice in Wonderland and it was so much fun.

There were soooo many ideas on-line for themed cupcakes, cakes, cookies, Mad Hat Tea Parties. It was exciting!!!

I settled on these and made Mat Hatter hats, Mat Hatter tea pots, Hearts playing cards, Strawberry pie slices, paint cans with painted roses and Toadstools.

Halloween again! Eeeek!

Halloween always means a lot of baking for me :-) I love making something for the kids to take to school for their classmates and this year made cookies again, this time Zombie face cookies.

What a lot of fun!!