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I'm not by any means a professional, but I'm making an attempt to have some fun and my idea of fun is making cakes and decorating them, or painting canvas. I found a great website that is full of ideas and now I've started to try to make stuff for my friends and family. This is my little corner of the internet to post some pics of what I've done so far and those sites full of ideas for future things to do

Saturday, November 24, 2012

for a great little boy

My neighbours (the good ones) asked me to make a cake for their little guy - super super cute Liam. He was turning three this weekend and he loves Toy Story. I did a search for cake ideas and the most common ones were beds. She picked one she liked and even though the characters in the picture were plastic toys, I wanted to try and make them out of fondant. They turned out pretty good, there was a mixup with the date so the bed headboard didn't get a chance to completely harden, but I'm still happy with the charaters. If I had more time, I would have made a Mr. Potato Head too.

I also wanted to try a chocolate cake with a fudge middle - not the hard sweet fudge, but the sweetened condensed milk fudge recipe. Since this was a party I was attending, I looked forward to finally tasting a cake I made. I wasn't disappointed - it really turned out quite tasty!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Halloween - ewwwwww - NOT!!

I get so excited over halloween - it's not so much about the holiday and what it may or not represent - I get so excited about the chance to be creative, to decorate and of course to bake!!

For the kids school parties I made them zombie hands sugar cookies. The icing on the hands were completely their idea. Adam wanted veins and Kyle wanted them green. I ran out of cookies, so the boys made monster cupcakes with eyeballs and black sugar. They were a hit at school - turning everyone's mouths black!

For work, our department went with a Corpse Bakery Theme and sold some gory baking. We had eyeball cupcakes, finger cookies, slimely brains and other body parts.

I made bloody cupcakes, Frankenstein brain cupcakes, severed fingers and toes, and cheesecake brains in skull goblets. I don't think I've had so much fun in baking!!

pink pink pink

I was asked to make pink cupcakes with pink icing for a birthday at work. I've never made my icing on my cupcakes anything but the wipe and swirl, so I wanted to see if I could do something that looked like a rose.

It took quite a bit of looking for a tip - which I apparently didn't own - and borrowing a tip - which my neighbor did own - to make the icing look even close to a rose.

I did like the end product and they were a hit!

Baby Shower

One of the ladies at work asked me about making little cupcakes for a surprise babyshower at work. After looking around for inspiration, I remembered a couple sleeping babies I had made previously for baby shower cakes.

I combined them with some baby bottles, soothers, teddi bears and little rubber duckies. Only trouble was no one wanted to eat the sleeping babies :-)