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I'm not by any means a professional, but I'm making an attempt to have some fun and my idea of fun is making cakes and decorating them, or painting canvas. I found a great website that is full of ideas and now I've started to try to make stuff for my friends and family. This is my little corner of the internet to post some pics of what I've done so far and those sites full of ideas for future things to do

Sunday, May 20, 2012


A family friend of ours had his birthday this past weekend and when his wife mentioned that she should of had me make a BBQ cake for him, I quickly made something up for her to surprise him with. The cake was carrot cake with cream cheese icing - my favorite, and the BBQ topper I quickly made the night before out of fondant. It turned out as a great surprise to him and he loved it :-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Flashback to my childhood

I've had a picture in my "gonna make this cake someday" fold on my computer and when a friend sent me a picture of the muppets on cupcakes, it happened not only be one in my folder, but a cupcake sale for charity was coming up. I knew I had to try.

Here's the end result - the cupcake icing tasted great, but looked awful - that's what too much cream cheese will do to you. I had to add cornstarch to stop the liquifying, so it made more of a glaze than icing.

The characters were a blast to make - my favorite are Gonzo and Animal. I used the kids playdough maker to do Scooter's hair, Animal's fur and Miss Piggy's hair. Worked well - I'm so doing that again!!! I think maybe next time Sesame Street! :-)