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I'm not by any means a professional, but I'm making an attempt to have some fun and my idea of fun is making cakes and decorating them, or painting canvas. I found a great website that is full of ideas and now I've started to try to make stuff for my friends and family. This is my little corner of the internet to post some pics of what I've done so far and those sites full of ideas for future things to do

Saturday, March 31, 2012

for a good cause

The Boy Scouts that my kids belong to had a fundraising bake sale and my husband volunteered 2 dozen cookies and 2 dozen cupcakes from me :-) Since it was for a good cause, I was willing and able. I of course, got a little creative and really had fun with it - the packaging too! found some old ribbon and hot glue and voila!

I made lemon cupcakes with creamcheese summer berry epicure icing. The cookies are sugar cookies with royal icing - still playing with the flood technique. I found the pattern on line and they were quite easy to do.

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